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We want to do more for you than just simply providing you with products. We have been successfully realizing projects for our customers around the world for almost 30 years. We offer assistance with our expertise in the fields of medical, power supply and automotive technologies, as well as electronics in general. In addition, we take care of logistical processes and price optimization in respect to value analysis. We are more than a traditional sales agent - we see ourselves as a partner, using our profound knowledge in order to provide our customers with solutions regarding electronics and electrical engineering.

We stand for:

About Us

As a family business, TB Pfaff stands for almost 30 years of internationally minded services and technical consultancy in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering.

Our services include:

  • development assistance
  • supply chain management
  • logistics and cost optimization

Our history:

  • 1971 foundation of the company, originally named „TB Zimmermann“
  • 1984 entry of Wolfgang Pfaff
  • 1988 takeover by Wolfgang Pfaff and renaming to „TB Pfaff“
  • 2005 entry of Mathias Pfaff

Our Services

Development Care

Project Management

Supply Chain Managment

Cost and Logistic Optimiziation

MID: Molded Interconnect Devices

CT: Computed Tomography

PET: Positrons Emissions Tomography

MRT: Magnetresonanz Tomography

Sales Partners

Lüberg Elektronik

Lüberg Elektronik, founded in 1916 is one of the oldest European manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCB). For almost 50 years Lüberg Elektronik is specialised in the production of printed circuit boards, also offering large sizes (1200 ⋅ 1500mm) and flexible versions (Flex PCB). Lüberg Elektronik offers innovative solutions with a focus on state-of-the-art technologies.

Lüberg’s services include:

  • production of printed circuit boards (any kind of substrates, including special models and large sizes)
  • Flexible printed circuit boards (any kind of substrates, including special models and large sizes)
  • 3D-MIDs (manufacturing process: subtractive, semi-additive, additive; MID structuring: LDS, 2K-technology)
  • Plating on Plastic (metallization of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics, 2K-technology)
  • metal etching technology (etched parts for small and average quantities)

Magnetfabrik Bonn

Magnetfabrik Bonn is a midsize family-run company founded more than 75 years ago. From the very beginning, they have been a pioneer in the field of permanent magnet production. Their operations focus on application-related consultancy and the development and manufacture of high-quality products and systems, specifically in the field of polymer-bonded permanent magnets.

Magnetfabrik Bonn’s services include:

development and full-automated mass production polymer-bonded permanent magnets
  • polymer-bonded hard ferrite
  • polymer-bounded rare earth magnets
acquisition and distribution of sintered magnets
  • hard ferrite/ceramic magnets
  • AlNiCo magnets
  • rare earth magnets
construction/acquisition and production of magnet systems
  • adhesive systems / adhesive applications
  • for engine application
  • sensor magnets


Subsequently a brief overview of our major customers:

  • Audi AG (speedometer rings, fishing magnets)
  • BMW AG (speedometer rings, hydrogen tanks)
  • Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co.KG (window-winder)
  • Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik GmbH (printed circuit boards)
  • Gemphil(inductivities)
  • Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co.KG (cryogenic applications)
  • Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) GmbH (large-format printed circuit boards)
  • Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH (LED for smartphones)
  • Preh GmbH (sensor applications for trucks)
  • RaPa – Rausch & Pausch GmbH (sensor applications)
  • MID-tronic (MID)
  • Siemens Healthcare (MRT, CT, PET)
  • Siemens ShenZhen Magnet Resonance (MRT)
  • Siemens Rail Automation (electronics for railroad engineering)
  • Sorin (printed cicuit boards)
  • Valeo (sensor magnets)
  • VW - Volkswagen AG (speedometer ring, fishing magnet)
  • Webasto AG (sensors for sunroof control units)
  • Zollner AG (printed circuit boards)


If you require more information please contact:

  • Wolfgang Pfaff
  • Strasse: Zittauer Str. 32
  • PLZ, Ort: 80997 München
  • Festnetz: +49 89 149022731
  • Mobil: +49 151 14013328
  • E-Mail:

  • Mathias Pfaff
  • Strasse: Schneeglöckchenstraße 120a
  • PLZ, Ort: 80995 München
  • Festnetz: +49 89 1506621
  • Mobil: +49 171 4443049
  • E-Mail: